Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gold digger!!!

Yep. I went digging for gold in order to buy this table. My dear sweet guy was returning a video. I asked him to drop me off at the consignment store just behind the video store. He came inside an we walked around together. He found a Metal star for his study, and I found a shadow box with eggs. They were closing so we went to make our purchases. That is when this table caught my eye. It was one of those it must be mine kind of moments! We are saving are pennies for an up coming trip. I just looked at my dear sweetie. He reminds me that I have lots of gold jewelry that I never wear and gold prices are high right now! Yes, they are! So after a bit of gold digging the table was mine. Much better to have a table that I will enjoy every day, than gold sitting in a jewelry box!
Now I can work on the window treatment and lighting for over the table. I have had great luck finding vintage lighting at the Habitat Restore. It is close to work so I will be hanging out there at lunch time. Our Restore has a great little cafe and book store attached so it will make for a good hunt.
I got this glass dome for $3.00. The home owner said I wondered who the early bird would be who got this deal. It still had the $30.00 price tag on it. I added one of the glass door dobs from last week to make it look more like a cloche. Great, Right?

This nest has been hiding out in the rose arbor. I finally was brave enough to go in after it. I added some of my glass bead eggs and a pin and pearls that came home with me this weekend. Every nest has it jewels!

This was all free! Set out for the trash at a garage sale. As I was gathering it all I was thinking you could have sold this to ME! They are made of cedar and will hold shelving in my new studio.

This candle stick holder turned upside down make a wonderful pumpkin holder. I have plans to make it into a floor lamp once all the perfect pieces are collected. Do you hear that Mr. Handyman? A new project for you!

The coffee station progresses with the addition of the coffee cup tree. I think it needs some red paint.

I bought these adorable gloves when we were vacationing in Virgina. This hat was waiting for me at a garage sale this weekend. Oh, so very Breakfast at Tiffany!

I always seem to have a theme of what I find. Not of my selecting, just by chance. This weekend the theme seems to be turquose!

This box of treasures was just 3.00. The owner didn't seem to have any interest in the content........oh my!

Dear sweetie added two crosses to his wall. The two on the left. $ 1.00 each!

This wooden purse fasinated me, all tounge and grooved together. It had been purchased in Costa Rica. It will get a bit of a redo to hide the snap, the wood colors are deep and rich.


  1. Love that minty green hat! And your cloche is ingenious! Great finds! Fun thrifting...will follow along to see more of your treasures!
    Take care, Laura

  2. i love that wood purse. and the jewelry! $3? good score! and the FREE cedar pieces? sweet, sweet, score indeed.

  3. Joy, Lucky Joy!!!! Is that FAb table in your kitchen? The chairs look great with it! We adore the knob touch on the cloche...genius! and the nest inside...precious!...we can't have enough of those either!Fantastic chunky corbels, and free!!!!Mamma mia!!!!We hope you have a fun time at Habitat Restore, sounds like a great place, we need one around here!!
    Thank you for sharing your treasures, it's always a real Joy to have you!!!

  4. found so many lovely things! the hat and gloves are adorable, and the free wood pieces that you found - how lucky?! and the jewelry, what a score!

  5. Oh my you have found way tooo many treasures ! Of course , the glass dome , a person can never have too many of them , love it & I love putting the glass knobs on top ! I have a box full of them & can just not part with them ! The purse is just fabulous ! I want to come to all of your treasure shops ! Thanks so much for sharing , was a fab trip !
    The Little Things

  6. Goodness you did well--especially free corbels--free?!?! You'll use it all so well too I know.

  7. I'm fairly certain that it is illegal to get so much great you might have to pass some along...I'm just saying. lol.

    What awesome finds!