Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always ready to learn something new!

Look! you can see that hand going to town on that pumpkin!
My first needle felted pumpkin!

The Fabo Leslie Hamlin , doesn't that look like the shrunkin head from Beetlejuice? Check out her article in fall's Belle Armoire Jewelry

Ok, I can do this!

Last weekend while I was at Fat Cat Gallery, Leslie Hamlin was showing her work. Never one to rest, she would felt these cute pumpkins during slow times. She was so wonderful. she taught me the in's and outs of needle felting these cute little guys. So one down many more to go. I am also thinking of all the other applications...oh Joy stop and enjoy the moment!


  1. So many things to learn and little time! I must remember..."Time For Me", right sweet friend?

    Your pumpkin is so charming, you did a beautiful job!


  2. Those are just precious... I LOVE little pumpkins!!! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Just came over from French Charming and I am loving your beautiful blog...Your pumpkin is adorable...I am in love with it! You sure inspire! Off to visit some of your past posts before heading off to bed...I may be up for awhile...your blog looks amazing!

  4. Soo cute! & they don't mold like my real one's always do :)

  5. Hi Joy! very cute pumpkin! I've been tempted a couple of times to try to learn how to do it but I'm afraid I will get hooked...I can't get into anything new for now....way too many things in this little head of mine... So I better sit here and admire your adorable felting go, girl!!!