Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday at the market...

The local grown pumpkins arrived at the farmers market today...I want a truck load, my husband thinks we need one...oh he doesn't want to limit me to one...he would find me at the fair talking to one of the winners for the largest pumpkin EVER...I need to wait till next week any way. The car was full with estate sale finds...Monday Junkies stay tuned!
I want to take my paint brush to this one, adding pastel colors...not fall colors!


We are also shopping for a New old pick up...I thought this to new. We had an old 55 Chevy that was painted was a very sad day when we sold that truck... I want another 55, my husband wants 70's so we are still on the hunt. He finds one and takes me, I find one and take him so we will see????
Today at the farmers market an elderly gentleman stopped to talk to me about my convertible Mustang and how he had once driven one. It was to funny how his wife immediately rolled her eyes. I commented on her eye roll and she shared how she has heard the stories 100 times. They were so cute...married 52 years! Bless them. Let me tell you they were working that farmers market.
I met a new vendor who is going to be bring goat the 3rd week of Oct. I put my name on the list. I love goat tacos. He told me the neck chops would be the best, who knew. I also talked to him about his sheared pelts...he throws them away. Are you kidding me? He took my email and said he would allow me to come collect some in the spring...sure hope we have found a truck by then, if not the Mustang will become my truck!

Hope you are finding your fall this weekend...if not take some of mine!


  1. He throws the sheared pelts away???? Is he nuts???? Wow!

    I drove a convertible Mustang for 11 years until last March when I sold it and bought a Mini Cooper Clubman (which I love). I sure could pack a lot of stuff into that Mustang, especially when the top was down - I once put a whole cupboard into that thing and drove off looking like the Beverly Hillbillies with stuff piled high! :-)

  2. Sue, We really are two peas in a pod! I would never leave a good find behind. Looking stupid I would be,driving off happy as a lark! My girlfriend just bought a Clubman. I haven't seen it yet but I know she loves it.

  3. oh wow look at those pumpkins! they look awesome!