Monday, September 21, 2009

My favorite fall rose....Falstaff

I can remember the first time I saw this rose. It was pictured in Victoria Magazine. There was no mention of its name. I love the depth of the color. I tore out the picture and carried it with me everywhere. Unfolding my wrinkled image of a long sought after rose every time I thought the answer to its name could be told. Many answers came, none seemed right. This is a very hard color to capture. Even the David Austin Rose web page does not do this rose justice. I think the photo I took above is a true capture of the deep wine color. It does not read as red at all. It is the rose that I love best in my fall bouquets. Depending on our weather I sometimes will get a nice last blush of roses. As fall officially begins...I share this bouquet with you. I wish that you could enjoy the scent, it is that of old roses of days gone by.

The answer finally came when someone led me to the web site Just our Pictures-Roses. There I found the name of the rose of my hearts desire...Falstaff, a David Austin rose.


  1. I never met a rose I didn't love and I really LOVE this rose. Next spring I plan on planting a cutting garden and I want to incorporate more roses, this is definitely on the list.

    Thank you sweet friend for the beautiful roses!


  2. That is a gorgeous rose, the David Austins are the best, I think. Also ... loved your previous post about getting all the "junk" that was in the box. Super fabulous stuff! I don't think there are any really great junking places here any more. You can find stuff, but it just doesn't seem as though it's as much fun as your adventures!

    I'm off to San Francisco in the morning. An email will follow when I get back home!


  3. Hi Joy! It was wonderful meeting you Saturday at Fat Cat. From the list on the right you read a lot of the same blogs I read!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. It's sooo pretty, the size, the color... too bad we can't smell it!

  5. Hello, I just found your wonderful blog through sweet Karyn at French Charming... I LOVE this rose! How heavenly! I also love the beautiful pendant you made for Karyn... I will visit you often... Bisous... Julie Marie