Monday, September 21, 2009

Come and see what great junk we found!!!
So here I am doing one great rocking chair...Santa?????? do you hear me????
In this rocker is where I heard about an auction just down the street...Ok I guess that is where my junkin will be this weekend. The ladies rockin with me were sharing stories of their junkin at the estate sale they were at Friday. My ears perked up, Estate sale... well in further discussion it was an estate auction. All the smalls were loaded into boxes. I don't like this, as you have to hang around so long and then may not even win the bid. Let's just say I had pocket change and needed a roll of cash. I spotted a box that peaked my interest and may fit into my budget. As the auction progressed I see a auction worker going through MY box. She removes an item, I ask here why. She tells me that she wants to let the auctioneer know of its content...NOOOOOOOOO.... My box has now just been identified as a box of interest containing a gold high school ring and military items...hello those are Boy Scout items not military...the box gets walked around for all to see.
My box is up...I bid to 15.00 it goes to 70.00....I watch the man who won..I approach and ask.........will you sell me the items in the box that you have no interest in???? YES, $20.00...I have my treasures......

Does anyone remember this.....I know that it is slate and graphite..I never remembered them as a child..You???

A circle of small treasures.....Who remembers the bubble pipes. It sparked a memory for me. I saw that red cow head pipe marked JAPAN, I had forgotten all about using them instead of plastic. Ok, I am pretty sure I just let you know how old I am!!!

Many of these treasures will end up in jewelry that I make. Do you ever remember Pepsi colors to be yellow and red?

I am not sure about the one glass, small it's use I am not sure of????

I adore this child's fan...I will mold the impression and use it in jewelry...

There is my box among boxes just waiting...It is center front

Here it is at my feet after a good haggle! (does that make me a hag?)

Another successful Junkin Monday


  1. Hi Joy, we have never being to an auction, can you believe it? I don't think we could stand ourselves, it must be nerve racking!!...but we sure would like to try!!!LOL! At least the winner was nice enough to sell you the things that he didn't like. We walked away with some potential!...your jewelry will turn out great!!!

  2. good for you...and i see you are a junkin' pro...i would never have thought to ask the winner to sell me the stuff he didn't want...i will have to file that one away for future reference...LOVE to pieces that sweet little fan!!!

  3. Good for you! I do that quite a bit--both ways--either ask to buy something I wanted or offer to sell something from my box someone else wanted. Yesterday, just as a box of what not jewelry went for $.25 to a different buyer I noticed a Mary pendant in it that I REALLY liked. She willingly sold it to me for $.50. Fun to deal on the side. She made a BIG profit-ha!

  4. Great work on getting those cute little items!

  5. Hello gorgeous! I just love seeing photos of my blog buddies...yay!

    Wow what a nail biter! As I was reading through your post I wanted to slap that auction worker for you and I'm not a violent person...ha! I'm glad that you got some of the goodies in the end, can't wait to see what you do with them!


  6. I like how you got your junk in the end. Great job!

  7. Girl when you mold that fan let me know!!! I'd LOVE one!!! I love the "White Rabbit" in Alice in Wonderland and I'd love this to go with my other things!!!! What great stuff!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment today!!! I love your blog!!
    Blessings sweet Friend!