Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scary stuff!! Removing pictures from your hard drive...

A picture that I took at a friends NC mountain the corn crib!!
An image for inspiration

An Iphone picture, a close up at the museum, ummm not allowed to do that!!!! Who me...

A favorite artist Kimberly Hodges

An inspiration for a gift I need to create.

And I do mean scary....last night I transferred most of my pictures from my computer to disc. Disc are the safest for me I have found (I lost a memory stick never to be seen again). Let me just tell you pushing that delete button was painful. I told my son" losing all the pictures would be like losing my wedding ring!" I have collected pictures...SHHHHHHH over 2000...and my computer was starting to cough!!!! It was red face and all. I had to give it a break. It was just so hard to hit that delete button ( mash that button for y'all southerners!) But alas my computer has a blue line instead of a red.... (I'm ready to die and you are going to lose all your pictures anyway)...kind of heavenly blue. You only have to lose your pictures once!!! to learn that lesson...been there done that. So above you see five of the saved images...a few pictures I took and a few that I have gathered for inspiration. Breathing better already, me and my computer...My son said that I would have another 2000 in no time...true there a 12 step program for this????
Cheers Always
I click off this post and go to this post perfect the world!


  1. I know that feeling, I lost all of my photos of my beloved boutique in NY and now all I have are my memories...sigh!

    I love all the photos you shared today and the baby shoes are darling!

    Thank you again sweet friend for my gorgeous necklace, I'm wearing it now...I have already received tons of compliments!

    I clicked on that post...AMAZING!


  2. YOU want to think like us?????...if you do, who will make those wonderful glass beads you create???...and who will see red and yellow as vibrant as you do???...Lots of hugs and cheers to crazy, creative minds!!!!

  3. what lovely pictures...i love the wee shoes with the sweet ribbon ties...i just came from visiting Karyn and saw the necklace that you sent to is beautiful!!!

  4. What a fun blog, I'm a follower now.. You really have great "eye candy". THANK YOU can't wait for more.

  5. I hate deleting pictures from my computer!!! Especially when they've been put on discs too. I'm always afraid they're going to delete themselves from the disc or something :)