Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pimp my Light!

Isn't it becoming lovely! A recent find is the bird perched waiting to break into song... only if. I grew up with my godmother Mimi living within walking distance. She always had a canary, oh that song! It didn't hurt either that she was the best cook in the family. Goop sandwiches....I can hear my sisters in my ear...GOOP sandwiches ahhhhhhhhhh. Ingredients maple extract,powder sugar and BUTTER !!!!! Not so tasty as an adult, to sweet for me. (just for the record,I hate that cottage cheese ceiling!!!!)

I went to the 5Th annual Potters invitational show at the Mint Museum. What a gathering of talent. Most things that called to my heart were to costly, purse strings not budging! I did find a wallet friendly set of knobs for my Ice Box/ Sewing machine storage. These are by the artist Emily Reason I enjoy the juxtapose between the old and contemporary. I want to add a punched tin back plate to the knobs. I am looking for some old pie tins that I would be willing to cut into.

And here is my Shadow shot Sunday, view more at Hey Harriet


  1. Wonderful shadow shot!...Those pulls are really cool, great color!

  2. Everything looks so lovely!