Sunday, September 6, 2009

A photo I took early morning at John C. Campbell folk school

I don't care what anyone says, fall is in the air here in the Carolina's. Thursday I had the top down on the Mustang , it was morning and it was COLD. I left the top down and turned the heater on! Right? So out to the garden I went, scissors in hand for my first fall bouquet. The bark basket is from the farmers market in Boone NC. It is a lovely complement to any arrangement. In this bouquet you will find a gathering of Hydrangea, Dogwood pods (from by neighbor's tree) Cone flower heads, money plant and love in a puff.

While out dress form hunting yesterday I started sneezing??? What? I can't get sick I have a whole weekend of frolicking planned. Woke up this morning...oh NO! I think I might have the flu...yes that flu! Every bone in my body aches.. At the last sale at Bath and Body I bought a basket full of these! Sea Salt Soaks, I hope they will help with the aches. I will not be at the Fair today eating Kettle Corn and gnawing on a Turkey leg...stop...I love those family sneers at the sight of the gnawing, get over it! I love them...Dear sweet husband said he would go purchase said items for me. I want to marry that man all over again.

Look what I did Friday at lunch at my desk!!! I made a book! My first. Made from..... A Williams-Sonoma Catalog (doesn't everyone have Williams-Sonoma catalogs in their desk?), post-its, needle and thread and the always fabo You Tube tutorial. I wanted to learn the Coptic stitch. So items in hand I went to work. I think this just shows there is no stopping me. Who else is learning to book bind from desk items on a lunch hour??? Forgive the pictures, they are Iphone pictures. The piggy flu will not allow me to get out the big camera and take better pictures.


While shopping at the flea market yesterday I made a wonderful trade! This is the lovely Beth Harrell. She has the most wonderful eye for vintage everything. Her specialty is fabric and clothing. She was the lucky recipient of my wonderful nest necklace. As I shopped I had 3 different woman who wanted my necklace. I had never thought that I would be hanging this necklace on someone else's neck...but look at that coat I traded for! It is Persian lamb, grey blue/green and fur collar. It fits perfectly and the condition could not be better. She invited me back next month for more trades....I will look like the Minnie Pearl of jewelry next month.

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  1. Hi sweet friend! So glad Fall is around the finally cooled down to 90 degrees here! So sorry you're not feeling well, I had that flu a few weeks back and I hope you're feeling better soon!

    How fun that you traded your gorgeous necklace for your coat, I love your new coat...but I think that woman won out with your awesome necklace!

    Hugs to you!