Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip Treasures!

I will have to put together the perfect outfit for this little charm, made in France of course.

If you are really a fashion freak you have seen the pompom hat by DVF. I will be going pompom crazy to be sure. These lovelies little raspberry pompoms are from a recycled sweater. Make some and link your pompoms here!

I spent the weekend at John C Campbell taking a class with Mary Hettmansperger. It was woven and forged jewelry. Here is one of the finished pieces. I will do a whole post later this weekend. It really put a strain on my wrist. I
OK ,I feel like I just spit out this blog post. I will take more time to be engaging very soon. I didn't realize how much this trip took out of me.
I do have to say that I am in love with a new man!!! Mr. GPS, it is so amazing allowing me to let the gypsy out, knowing that if I have an address I am never to far from home! I think I even dreamt about Mr GPS, don't tell my husband!
We have a full weekend planned. I am so on the hunt for the perfect dress form. I have the cash and don't want anything other than perfect. It is a bit hard to pass one up never knowing when you will come by another. I found one last weekend in Blue Ridge Georgia (thank you Mr GPS ) It just wasn't the one! I will try to get back here this weekend.


  1. I've been on the lookout for a dress form myself! They are really are soooo cool... and those pom-poms... love 'em, I wish I could remember how to make them!! You did such a fantastic job on the woven necklace, too~~ can't wait to see more pics!

  2. Thanks Christina for the kind comments. I just wrapped the yarn around toliet papper rolls and then tied and cut. There was a good bit of trimming to be done. Make some, how can you go wrond. I got my husband to pull the yarn from the sweater while he was watching TV he said it was very zen!

  3. Oh la la! Love the purse! "OK, I feel like I just spit out this blog post"! You crack me up!!

    Good luck on your search for the perfect dress form, I'd love to find one myself!